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Space saving in most efficient way – advantages of sliding doors

In the hot, summer months when the temperature and scorching sun gets almost unbearable, don’t you wish you could just open up all your walls and let some refreshing air in? Or in gloomy, sun-less winter months, when we’re all at least a little under the weather, don’t you just long for every bit of the sun, even a smallest ray? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make the best even of the depressing winter weather?

With Schuco sliding doors you can take care of both issues, let some fresh air in during the summer and maximize the exposure to sun in winter to make the most of the little sunshine coming into your house.

Schuco bifolding doors can open up your entire wall and turn it into pure glass, just imagine how bright your house can become! If you’re worries about the noise, fear not. Schuco bifold doors are almost completely silent during operating, thanks to the floating door system based on ball bearing rollers making the doors extra easy to operate.

Worried about thermal insulation and energy saving? Don’t be! The profiles used in Schuco doors are subjected to highest requirements of thermal insulation, including both the PVC and aluminium ranges of doors and schuco windows. But with products where the glass surface is so vast, shouldn’t you be worried about the energy bill? Turns out that you don’t have to worry about that either. The latest technologies used during the manufacture process of the glass make it very energy efficient, so you might even find your gas bill to be much smaller!

Whether you want more light in your house, or the ability to let more air in, sliding and bifolding doors are the best solution to do that, and come in a varied range that will suit most commercial and domestic requirements. But don’t take our word for it, have a look at the photos and you won’t be able to stay away!