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What is Invisalign and is it for you?

Many of us have the same problem. Crooked of imperfect teeth are simply something we are born with, not a reasult of bad oral hygiene or neglect, and as such you can’t do much to prevent that from happening. You can, however, take very easy and straightforward steps to correct your smile and give yourself a boost of confidence.

There are many solutions available nowadays, most common being corrective braces.

Regular braces

If you’re on a budget, don’t care about the visible wire on your teeth, or a teenager that will actually love the regular braces that can come in many colours, the basic option will do just fine for you. Your dentist wraysbury will be able to advise you and provide a price estimate and time frame for your particular case, and in few months you will be enjoying a prefect smile! Your Dentist Staines will be able to advise you on the best course of action and help you choose the best solution.

Clear braces

For those who simply cannot afford any part of their looks to be out of place, for professionals who need to look the part all the time, or simply for people who prefer a removable solution rather than a fixed one, clear braces will be much better option. Granted, they cost a lot more, but if the looks are important for you and you can afford it, by all means go for it.

Your local cosmetic dentist staines should be able to provide clear braces for you. Every cosmetic dentist will be able to give advice about the type you should go for, even if they don’t do invisalign braces themselves.

The science behind the transparent braces is quite simple. Invisalign braces straighten your teeth using a series of transparent, practically invisible aligners that are custom made for your teeth only. So instead of fixing ugly wires to your teeth and adjusting them every month, you get a brand new, removable aligner every two weeks that will move your teeth a little. And then the next one will move them a little move, and more, moving your teeth towards the final corrected position.


Clear braces from Invisalign Staines are very comfortable, not to mention removable so you can always remove them from your mouth to clean, unlike their fixed counterpart. As the name suggests, they are transparent and practically invisible, which makes them ideal for professionals, people who lack confidence, or simply for those who value the way they look and don’t want to compromise.