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Where to start when planning a loft extension – a beginner’s guide

Loft extensions can be very daunting for someone who’s never had one done in their house. Just thinking about the scope and scale of work and the mess this might mean around the house is enough to put most people off the idea. But it doesn’t have to be scary at all, we put together a small beginner’s guide for those who want to have a loft conversion done and haven’t got a slightest idea where to start. Just read on if you’re one of them!

First of all, most people don’t realise that loft extensions are easiest and the most straightforward way to get extra space in your house without compromising other living areas. Most likely, your attic area is not being used at all, not even for storage simply because you never thought of that or couldn’t be bothered to get up the stairs. Without breaking the bank, you can turn your attic into a storage room or even a living space, like additional bedroom, guest room, a gym or simply a haven to unwind.

For those on the market to sell their house, or making a living by buying houses cheap and selling after renovation, one of the most important piece of information here will be the house value. It’s crucial in both cases, and actually loft extensions are a great way to increase your property value by at least 20%! Yes you’ve read that right! Just by converting your unused attic area into living space or extra room you can sell your house for more or make significantly larger profit when buying and selling.

Most roofs will be suitable for loft conversion, but always have a professional come over and inspect your house and roof to make sure this is something that can be done in your house.